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The following is a FIFPRO statement about strike action called in Spain.

FIFPRO strongly supports the decision, taken by 93 percent of footballers in Spain. After 18 rounds of talks over 13 months with Iberdrola League clubs, the players represented by their union AFE have failed to reach a satisfactory agreement in which their employment rights are recognized.

Women’s football is experiencing an historic moment in Spain. The league has a long-term committed sponsor, the participation of some of the biggest clubs in the world and a growing number of fans who established a record European attendance of 60,739 in a match played between Atlético de Madrid and FC Barcelona.

However, for women’s football in Spain to thrive, players must be guaranteed their employment rights as workers, especially in a society which is pursuing gender equality. Strengthening their rights will result in a better league that attracts even more fans and sponsors.

What these players are seeking is a set of minimum conditions, including wages, working hours, health insurance, social security, maternity leave and holidays. As part of the negotiations, they have agreed to accept a salary of 12,000 euros per year.

These demands are fully justified, and the fight of these players is a example to others seeking to strengthen women’s football. They have the full support of FIFPRO.

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