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Dear all,

University College Northern Denmark just informed me that the application window for the Online Academy will opened on the 1st of February. 
Please find below all important information regarding the application process.


The programme consists of two seperate parts. 
The AP programme (2 years) and the PBA Sport Management programme (1 ½ year top-up). If a player is selected for the first part it does not mean that he/she will automatically be selected for the second part too, although it is very likely. The better they do in the first part though, the higher the chances of being offered a spot in the PBA Sport Management top-up programme. Doing the top-up is equivalent to getting a Bachelor’s degree.


The University College of Northern Denmark has a limited number of 30 spots on offer for the Online Academy. Due to this limitation, applicants can potentially end up competing with other applicants for a spot. The players do of course need to fulfil the admission criteria but as the demand could potentially be higher than the number of spots available, motivation will be key.

As a consequence some candidates might not be offered a spot even if fulfilling the admission requirements. It is important to know – and to inform the players – that this is due to the nature of having limited spots. UCN will select the best suited candidates amongst the qualified ones, which consequently leaves some qualified candidate without a spot. This does not mean that these candidates were not qualified, just that others were better qualified. 

In case a rejected candidate wants to apply the following year, he/she could potentially make use of the in-between time by improving their CV – and thereby their chances of being offered a spot next time. Again stressing out though, that there are no guarantees, so having a plan B is essential.

The points mentioned below can increase the chances of being selected:

–          Strong motivation

–          Stable environment

–          Work experience

–          Additional courses or education (besides the requirements) within a related field

This is however no guarantee.

As the number of spots available is limited, the application will initially only be open for professional football players. In addition, it is encouraged to also try to recruit female professional players. If, at the end of February, the number of applications is lower than expected, other professional athletes may apply as well. We will inform you in the beginning of March if candidates from other sports can apply (depending on the volume) so that you can forward any candidates you might have from others sports. 


The recruitment process is of even more importance than before. It is vital to try to select the players who are really motivated to study. Currently, the dropout rate of FIFPro students is really good and we would like to keep it that way.  

As last year the applicant has to pay €600,- admission. If the first year is successfully finalised, the student will get €300,- refunded.


Application window opens:     1st of February

Recruitment deadline:              1st of March

Application deadline:               15th of March

Start of programme:                           1st of September


Account name:           Stichting FIFPro Education

IBAN:                          NL63ABNA0240535758

BIC:                                         ABNANL2A

Description:                 Name and surname player + Online Academy Fee


We have created a FAQ sheet based on the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you have any questions which are not mentioned here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Additionally, please find below the links to:

The admission requirements per country


The example questions of the English testhttp://www.oxfordenglishtesting.com/defaultmr.aspx?id=3048


Please do not hesitate to contact Joao Paiva or myself if you have any questions.

Joao Paiva (078 8989719) or Claudio Zanini (079 7507134).

SAFP, Flughofstrasse 39, 8152 Glattbrugg

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