Fruitful FIFPRO DIVISION EUROPE Congress in Bucharest

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SAFP President Lucien Valloni stated:

Apart of a lot of interesting discussions among the FIFPRO Members, we had also a constructive interaction of European League Managing Director Jacco Swart. It is clear that FIFPRO and European Leagues do have a lot in common and will have to strengthen their relationship to support the smaller leagues and smaller clubs to get more money from UEFA and to help protect also the non top players with minimum salaries and better working conditions.

FIFPRO President David Terrie did have an open discussion with UEFA’s Zvonimir Boban to invite UEFA to work more closely with FIFPRO and to hear mor to the global players voice of FIFPRO.

The ex French world champion Robert Pires did provide a good insight of the view of the players.

SAFP’s Joao Paiva presented the SAFP Starcamp project to the FIFPRO members, that is going on for many years now. A project during which SAFP does organise a week of professional training for people with disabilities together with some professional players that help train the disabled people and let them feel for a week to be a professional football player. This wonderful project was very well received by the FIFPRO members.

There was also a friendly game for a good cause between the ROMANIAN ALL STAR team and FIFPRO EUROPE. For FIFPRO Europe SAFP was present with Orlando Urbano and Joao Paiva. This game as televised live in the Romanian television. The game was called Mihai Nesu Gala match.”

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