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Web Summit 2023 defines technological trends in Portugal and around the world 🌍

During four intense days of innovation, @websummit 2023 in Lisbon stood out for inspiring and defining the future technological trends that will shape the business landscape.

At the heart of the event, SAFP had the unique opportunity to immerse itself in emerging trends, providing an insightful vision of the technological future.

Web Summit 2023 has been an exceptional showcase to understand and anticipate the technology trends that will transform the industry in the coming years, SAFP learned what the way forward for the future of technology will be.”

This meeting underlines Lisbon’s vital role as a global epicenter for emerging technologies and startups, consolidating its position on the world’s technological map.

We were able to watch the likes of: 

  • Sol Campbell – Tackling Sports Inequality
  • Patrice Evra – Create Great Content
  • Roberto Carlos & Gilberto Silva – Stop online abuse
  • Ana Markovic @grasshopper Club Zurich – Women Football, Athletes scoring big on Social Media

#Vanguard Technology
#Visual Identity
#Graphic Design
#Process Automation
#Artificial Intelligence

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