Supporters throw Besiktas with fireworks, box with Ajax fans is cleared

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Supporters of Besiktas caused unrest in the Johan Cruijff Arena on Tuesday. Fireworks were thrown down from the branch, in places where Ajax supporters were sitting.

Shortly after the second half, things went wrong. Turkish supporters threw fireworks from the branch, after which the stadium speaker had to come into action again. He already did that before. The fireworks ended up in a box with Ajax supporters, who had to leave their place.

UEFA does not want such incidents on screen, so there was nothing for the television viewer to see. Out of sight, however, there was a lot going on in the Johan Cruijff Arena. Section 116, located on the first ring of the Johan Cruijff Arena, was cleared by the stewards present. Only some of the supporters were allowed to remain seated.

The storm has abated somewhat afterwards, although fireworks continued to be heard at times. The supporters of Besiktas will not be in the best mood, judging by the backlog against Ajax.


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