Successful congress FIFPro Division Europe on Cyprus

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The annual congress of FIFPro Division Europe in the Cypriot village of Limassol was particularly successful. The 25 national delegations all showed their interest, in a very committed way, in numerous topics from the European football world. Special guest on the congress was FIFA’s Jerôme Champagne.

After the opening of the congress by FIFPro Division Europe president Philippe Piat, a FIFPro study was presented in the plenary session on how things were regulated in each country with regard to for example the payment of salaries during injuries, double contracts and national DRCs.

FIFPro lawyer Wil van Megen then gave an update concerning doping issues. After that the progress made in the cooperation between UEFA and FIFPro was discussed and special attention was asked for the Social Dialogue within football. 

During the various workshops the participants discussed issues such as agents, the protection of minors, salary caps, the limitation of professional players per club and the specificities of sports. 
Jerôme Champagne, FIFA Director of International relations, argued strongly in favour of the 6 + 5 rule in front of the FIFPro members and expatiated on why – in contrast to the general opinion – this does not contravene EU law. 
SAFP President Lucien Valloni said: “It was a very good congress with many interesting topics on which important conclusions were reached.”


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