Newcastle v Spurs: fan stabilised and taken to hospital after medical emergency

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  • Played stopped in the 41st minute as medical staff treat fan
  • Play resumes just before half-time with Tottenham leading 2-1

Newcastle United’s match against Tottenham was suspended for 20 minutes just before half-time because of a medical emergency in the crowd. Medical staff treated someone in the stands to stabilise their condition before taking them to hospital.

Spurs were winning 2-1 when Eric Dier and Sergio Reguilón made the referee, Andre Marriner, aware in the 41st minute that there was an issue in the East Stand and a member of the public required a defibrillator. The Newcastle United club doctor Paul Catterson ran across from the dugout area with the device in the direction of the incident.

Marriner kept the players at the side of the pitch for seven minutes but decided to take them into the changing rooms after consulting with a police officer and stewards.

Following treatment the person who required medical attention was carried away from the stadium on a stretcher in order to be taken to hospital.

“The supporter who was in need of urgent medical assistance has been stabilised and is on their way to hospital. Our thoughts are with them,” Newcastle tweeted.

After a delay of around 20 minutes, the players returned to the pitch for a brief warmup before restarting the match with a Spurs corner to play the remaining seven minutes of the first half.

Son Heung-min scored for Spurs just after the restart to give Tottenham a 3-1 lead at half-time.

(By Will Unwin, The Guardian, 17.10.2021)

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