FIFPro Tournament 2010

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For the first time in the history of the FIFPro Tournament, eight countries will be participating in this event. On 17 and 18 July the Dutch city of Rijnsburg will host the tournament for players without a contract.

The Spanish footballers’ association AFE has confirmed its participation in the FIFPro Tournament. They will join Denmark (Spillerforeningen), France (UNFP), Italy (AIC), The Netherlands (VVCS), Portugal (SJPF), Slovenia (SPINS) and Switzerland (SAFP).

At the general assembly of FIFPro Division Europe, delegates of the eight participating unions were all present at the draw. They witnessed the emergence of a real group of death, as hosts The Netherlands drew Italy, Portugal and Spain in Group A. In Group B Denmark, France, Slovenia and Switzerland are going to compete for the other place in the final.

The organisation has decided to play in two groups of four teams. Because it is impossible for each team to play three group matches within the frame of one weekend, every team plays only two of the three opponents in their group. The length of the group matches is two halves of 25 minutes.

The tournament schedule: 

Saturday 17 July (2 x 25 min) 
11.00 hr. Italy -Portugal 
12.00 hr. Spain -Holland 
13.00 hr. Switzerland -Slovenia 
14.00 hr. Denmark -France 
15.00 hr. Italy -Spain 
16.00 hr. Portugal -Holland 
17.00 hr. Switzerland -Denmark 
18.00 hr. Slovenia -France 
Sunday 18 July (2 x 30 min) 
12.00 hr. Nr. 4A -Nr. 4B 
13.15 hr. Nr. 3A -Nr. 3B 
14.30 hr. Nr. 2A -Nr. 2B 
15.45 hr. Nr. 1A -Nr. 1B


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