Brazil confident they’ll have Liverpool players available, despite letter from Reds arriving

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With reports from England claiming that Liverpool won’t release their players for some of the upcoming international games, there’s now a report in Brazil about the situation.

According to UOL, the Reds have sent a letter to CBF (Confederação Brasileira de Futebol) to stop Roberto Firmino, Fabinho and Alisson from joining the national team.

Liverpool reportedly explained they’re worried about the quarantine these players would need to go through following the games overseas.

Brazil, however, are said not to be worried with the situation. They believe they’re backed up by FIFA, who will set the dates when the players need to return to their clubs. So they see no reason not to call up Liverpool players.

UOL points out that even though there are several clubs in the same situation, it’s only Liverpool who have contacted Brazil to talk about it. Other sides are not expected to do the same.

Brazil are facing Chile, Argentina and Peru in early September, and as it stands they expect their Liverpool contingent to be available.

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