'More than Marginal Gains': How Studying Boosts Athletes
Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini has spoken about how studying for a master’s degree in business has made him a better footballer. Now new research supports his view. Athletes who study for a second career are more likely to have a more successful sports career, according to research by a professor at Abertay University in Scotland.


Medienmitteilung | Zürich, 2 Juli 2019   SAFP Präsident Dr. Lucien W. Valloni: “SAFP hat mit grosser Betroffenheit vom tragischen Unfall von Florijana Ismaili Kenntnis nehmen müssen. Florijana Ismaili war ein sehr treues SAFP Mitglied, dass sich für die Verbesserungen der Bedingungen im Frauenfussball eingesetzt hat. Sie hatte immer ein offenes Ohr für die Anliegen der SAFP.


Giorgio Chiellini: "At 35 your career is more or less over"
Juventus and Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini is supporting the 'Mind the Gap' campaign to inspire footballers to prepare for a second career and guard against financial woes and mental health problems in later life. Only 13% of active footballers in Europe have higher education qualifications -- compared to 53% of men in the European Union, according to FIFPro research.